SavonAsukkaat 27July2021 - Person Sheet
SavonAsukkaat 27July2021 - Person Sheet
NameIda Maria Vesterinen
Birth1 Feb 1908, Autio, Pyyrinlahti, Kongingkangas, Saarijärvi, Vaasa
Death14 Feb 2000, UCI Hospital, Orange, California Age: 92
FatherEmil Henrik Vesterinen (1882-1939)
MotherMaria Okker (1887-1954)
Birth17 Apr 1909, Ashtabula, Ohio
Death2 Feb 1978, Pompano Beach, Florida Age: 68
Occupationphysicist- duPont Co.
FatherAsarias Jordan (1872-1950)
MotherIda Maria Kaartinen (1885-1961)
Marriage21 Sep 1935, Westfield, New York
ChildrenDavid (1937-)
Notes for Ida Maria Vesterinen
Konginkangas 1900-1909 LK p 228 Pyyrinlahti 2 Autio Autiomäki “tyt., 1/2 1908” “siv 214-09 RK”
Konginkangas 1900-1909 RK p 214 Pyyrinlahti 2 Partela “tytär” “09 fr s. 228 LK” “Uk s. 420”

On her “Luku-Seteli” document of 1914-1916, there are teacher’s comments and grades for 1916. The place mentioned for her is Lapinkankaan kylä. she is recorded in lastenkirja page 434 :”Ida Maria Vesterinen”. in 1914 it was noted that she knew her readings well

arrived, age 8, at Ellis Island 13 april 1916 on ship Frederick VIII out of Kristiana, Norway..Kangasniemi stated as origin

I told her we might go to Finland..”Look out for the Russians”... the last sentence she said to me.
lung and kidney failure just before midnight in CA, had Pneumonia for six weeks, caught it during an epidemic.

mtDNA may be U2e2a1 ..from correspondance with Heli Koso
Notes for Walter Edwin (Spouse 1)
Ph. D., Physics, Ohio State Univ.
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